Creating a Skincare Routine

Every day you drink water, eat nutritious foods and aim to get adequate sleep, all to make sure that you’re taking care of your body. But what about the body’s most important organ? While it’s important to take care of our skin from the inside out, it’s also important to establish a daily skincare routine. For those of you who don’t wash your face on a regular basis, don’t worry. These simple steps are ones you can stick to and will help your skin stay young and fresh!

Why is a skincare routine important?

Did you know that our bodies slow collagen production by the time we hit our mid-to-late 20s? Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin. Once our bodies start producing less collagen, we start to show signs of aging. Taking care of your skin is a simple way to prolong some of those side effects we see as we get older.  

What products should I use?

I want to start by saying that everyone has different skin and what works for me may not work for you. That’s why it’s so important to identify both your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive) and which products work best for your skin. I’ve tried what feels like every product on the market. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars in skincare products over the years, I have found that my skin reacts best to natural and vegan-based skincare. With that said, once you have found the products right for you (this will involve some research and trial-and-error), start incorporating these simple steps into your daily routine!

Should I wash my face in the morning?

There are few things greater, in my opinion, than waking up in the morning and taking care of my skin. It’s a great feeling to start the day with a clean face. Our skin is constantly attracting dirt, even while we sleep. For years, I would start the day with a three-step cleanse, tone and moisturize routine. Quickly learning that didn’t work for my skin, I’ve simplified my morning routine to simply rinsing my face with water and using a willow bark serum before heading out the door.

What about a nighttime routine?

First things first, ALWAYS take off your makeup. I have used several tools over the years to help take off my makeup before cleaning my face, only to find that there was still makeup in my pores. It wasn’t until I learned about these amazing microfiber washcloths from Two Peas in a Prada that I was able to have a truly fresh face before going to bed. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I always wipe the grime off my face with one of these cloths (it’s pretty gross and satisfying to see how much dirt comes off) before using face wash to really cleanse my skin. After my skin has dried, I either apply an exfoliating peel or moisturizer (I switch off every other day).

Are there other things I can do to help my skin?

  • Don’t forget sunscreen. It’s important to apply this all over as it will protect your skin from head to toe!
  • Give your products time to work! This one is hard for me to remember sometimes because I struggle with such severe acne. Remember, progress is progress no matter how long it may seem to take.
  • Skincare isn’t just about washing your face. Having a good skincare routine is just as much about what’s happening internally as it is about washing your face. I love ending the day with my skincare routine, gratitude journal and a few minutes of meditating.

If you don’t have a skincare routine, try slowly incorporating some of these habits into your daily routine and see how much your skin thanks you. If you already wash your face daily, share what products and habits you’ve developed that work best for you in the comments below. Now, go wash your face!

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