Why I Bought an At-Home Fertility Test

Getting your period is a big deal. As a 10 year old, I remember being confused on what it was, so my mom explained everything and helped me along the way. At first, things didn’t seem so bad. I was the first of my friends to get a visit from Aunt Flo and it was kind of cool, or so I thought. Not long after that, I experienced some feminine health issues that have continued for many years. As a result of excessive bleeding and many other problems, I started to believe that I would have fertility troubles one day. While the thought has always been in the back of my mind, it never occurred to me that now may be the perfect time to learn more about my fertility health.

About a year ago, I started seeing advertisements on Instagram for a company called Modern Fertility. This company’s mission is to help women take control of their fertility and hormone health through an inexpensive at-home test. Over the past year, I have made several lifestyle changes in an effort to get rid of my acne. I’ve mentioned before on the blog that I believe the root of my acne and feminine health-related issues stem from a hormone imbalance of some kind.

Now seemed like as good a time as any to order my own hormone and fertility test to see what imbalances are happening in my body, if any at all. As an added bonus, I get to learn about my fertility health. While I’m not planning on having children soon, I can now plan ahead and do what’s best for me and my body based on my test results. The hormone AMH measures your egg count, and the other hormone tests indicate how an imbalance could impact conception and overall health.

Once I placed the order for my test kit online, Modern Fertility sent me instructions for collecting blood samples and all the materials needed. The most important part of collecting the samples is that the test must be done on the third day of your menstrual phase, after fasting for eight hours. The hardest part for me was collecting enough blood through finger pricks on each sample card.

I struggled a bit with taking my blood samples, and the professionals at Modern Fertility have been AMAZING! They not only promptly responded, but they sent my test order to the blood lab where I will go to have my blood drawn professionally. Once my sample passes through the lab, I will talk with a nurse in a one-on-one consultation. We’ll discuss the results and what I can do moving forward to make the best decisions for my feminine health, now and in the future.   

While I’m excited to learn about my fertility health, I’m really looking forward to learning about my hormone health. Once I know of any hormonal imbalances, I can work to get them back on track so I can ease and eliminate many of the symptoms and health issues I currently experience. If you have questions about your hormonal or fertility health, I encourage you to look into Modern Fertility and what they offer. If you’ve taken their at-home test, tell me what you thought of the process in the comments below!

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