Why Facials Should Be Part of Your Skincare Routine

I have been in an ongoing battle with acne for more than a decade. At some points in my life, my skin has somewhat cleared up, giving me hope that flawless skin is around the corner. At other times, my breakouts have been so severe and painful that I didn’t want to leave the house. In March 2019, I was speaking with a friend who suggested seeing a local esthetician for facials. Desperate to try anything at that point, I immediately called SBK Beauty in Reno and made an appointment.

Seeing how much my friend’s skin had transformed from her facial treatments, I was really excited to get a skin analysis and start my own skin transformation. In the past, I hated getting facials because my skin always seemed to look worse the next day and they were so painful. While they still hurt because of my cystic acne, they have deemed to be extremely beneficial in my skincare journey. Keep reading to see before and after photos of my treatments.

Before the coronavirus kept us all from doing things like going to a beauty spa, I interviewed Kym Hanson, owner of SBK Beauty, during my last appointment to debunk common misconceptions about facials and why they’re so important, even if you don’t suffer from acne.

Q: What is a facial?

Kym: “A facial treatment is a ritual. Estheticians are trained to cleanse, exfoliate, and treat the skin. We do extractions as necessary, and then we use a nice mask to hydrate the skin. The idea is to train people how to take care of their skin. It’s not only the largest organ in your body, but it’s also usually the most neglected. We also do facial massages, which stimulate the collagen production and give the muscles a workout, just like when you do a workout for your body. Doing facial exercises, massaging those muscles, and helping them move in a certain direction is actually very stimulating.”

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about getting a facial?

Kym: “People think they’re only for girls. I think the other misconception is that people think facials make you breakout afterwards. The only time that happens is if the wrong products are used on the wrong skin type. I feel if you use the right products on the clients, and as an esthetician you’re extracting anything that needs to be taken out (clogged pores, whiteheads, or blackheads), you shouldn’t experience breakouts.”

Q: How do you determine which products to use on each client?

Kym: “We determine your skin type. Facials always come with a skin analysis, and we determine the type based on your skin color and how much sebum your skin is producing [basically, oily your skin is]. These are all signs to let us know what you would need on your skin. As we age, our sebum production slows down, so the skin tends to get drier. Someone with more mature skin is going to need more hydration, oils, and exfoliation.”

Q: “How often should someone get a facial?

Kym: “As an esthetician, I’m trained to tell people to get facials once a month. The average person doesn’t usually do that. Since most people have active lifestyles, I tell clients to come in every quarter with the change of seasons, and then we show them what to do at home to maintain that facial. So, I normally do an advanced facial four times a year on my clients, unless we’re working on active acne or anti-aging, then we would want to see you every month.”

While there are a lot of things I have started to implement into my daily routine to help clear my skin (like eating/not eating certain foods, using natural products, and going off hormonal birth control), I can say with all certainty that getting facials has been a huge reason why I’ve seen so much progress. Just take a look at these progress photos!

Whether you suffer from acne prone skin, dry skin, or are looking for a new anti-aging regimen, I highly suggest making an appointment with an esthetician. They will help you pick the products best suited for your skin and will get your skin on the path to success.

**All acne progress photos are courtesy of Kym Hanson, owner of SBK Beauty. This post is in no way sponsored and is solely based on the positive experience I’ve had.

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