Healthy Chicken Chili

With the coronavirus pandemic well underway, it is getting more and more difficult to find the motivation to stay healthy. While I’m doing my best to cook most meals each week, it definitely seems easier to order food from curbside pickup some days. In an effort to keep eating healthy and save money, I broke out the slow cooker this week and made one of my favorite recipes.

There are two reasons I love my mom’s chili recipe. First and foremost, it is made with healthy food you most likely have on hand. Second, it’s so easy to make! I pour all the ingredients in before starting work, put it on low, and let the food cook all day. By the time dinner rolls around, all I have to do is serve the chili and enjoy.

Even though the weather is starting to warm up, this is a meal that is good to eat all year round. It’s also great to eat if you’re in the menstrual phase of your cycle. This is considered the “winter phase” of the cycle, and it’s typically when women have the lowest amount of energy. Eating comforting and nourishing foods during this time is key!

This recipe is so simple and tasty that both kids and adults enjoy it. If you’re finding it difficult to eat healthy right now and are looking for something easy to make, give this recipe a try!

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