Healthy and Easy Snacks

It can be so easy to get burnt out on eating the same foods and meals day after day. I have been known to eat the same snacks so often that I have to go months before even considering eating them again. As I continue to learn about the power that food has on our bodies and our hormones, I am having fun cooking and coming up with new recipes to enjoy so I don’t get burnt out!

Personally, I do best in the kitchen when there is a clear cooking plan laid out before me. Each week, I sit down and review a list of phase-friendly foods before deciding which meals and snacks to eat. And then it’s off to the grocery store! While it is temping to grab prepackaged snacks off the shelf (and this is still something I do time to time), it is much healthier to eat as many whole foods as possible. So, today on the blog, I want to share two healthy and easy snack ideas!

The first tasty snack that I can’t get enough of is plain dairy-free yogurt. There are several kinds out there. My favorite is made with almond milk. A reason I love this snack so much is because you can prepare it with a variety of fruits, nut butters, and seeds depending on which phase of your cycle you’re in. Since you can constantly change the ingredients you add, this snack doesn’t get old.

Another favorite of mine lately is a snack I LOVED as a kid… ants on a log. When I was looking at a menstrual cycle food chart, I noticed that celery, nut butter, and raisins are all good-to-eat foods in the luteal phase. Seeing this reminded me of the classic childhood snack, and I can’t get enough! Ants on a log are not only tasty, but they are also fun and easy to make.

It’s also important to remember that if you’re looking for optimal results, try and eat as many phase-appropriate foods as you can. However, if you include foods from another phase, it is not the end of the world. While I am enjoying sticking to this new way of eating, I also recognize that eating should be enjoyable. If you’re getting burnt out on what you’ve been eating, try switching things up by getting creative and maybe even revisiting some old childhood favorites. Enjoy!

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