My Favorite Period Products and Brands

After getting my period at 10 years old, I was told which period products to use and how often they should be changed. This was pretty much the extent of my crash course in feminine products. It’s safe to say that at this point in life, I didn’t know much about feminine health in general. And that didn’t really change much when I turned 12 and started to experience unbearable periods. Since then, I have tried out a variety of period products and hormonal birth controls to try and make my periods more comfortable.

While I have learned so much about the menstrual cycle and different types of period products over time, I wish I took the time to educate myself sooner. Luckily, there are many feminine health companies today that are stepping up to help women take control of their periods, and learn more about which products are best to use for their overall health. Not only that, many of these companies are female-founded, so we have more products on shelves that are by women for women. Sign me up! After talking with several friends and doing some research, these three products and brands have quickly become staples when my menstrual phase hits.

Menstrual Cup

Right after I had my IUD removed, a friend and I were talking about the newest (at least to me) period product on the market: menstrual cups. These are small silicone or latex rubber cups that catch and collect your flow. Honestly, they sounded messy, dirty, and not secure enough to keep you from bleeding through your pants. After a few attempts at figuring out how to insert it correctly, the menstrual cup became my new favorite product to use. Yes, it can get a little messy. However, you can go 12 hours (depending on the level of flow) in between emptying out the cup, you can’t feel it, and there is little, to no, smell. In my opinion, the menstrual cup feels extremely secure, and I don’t worry about bleeding through it or needing to change it too frequently, like with tampons.


I first learned about LOLA through ads on Instagram. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sign up for a subscription service for tampons and pads. That all changed after reading up on the company and their products. The female-founded company released their first tampon back in 2015, and have since been dedicated to providing women with organic female care products. Their products are made with 100 percent organic cotton, and the best part is you can alter your subscription to fit your needs. Maybe you tend to use more super tampons on your period and only need a few light ones for the final days of your cycle. You can simply pick how many tampons of each size you want delivered straight to your door. The same goes for their pads.

My favorite product they sell though are cleansing wipes. It can be harmful using certain products to keep yourself feeling fresh. These wipes are also made with 100 percent organic cotton and safe to use. I never leave the house without one! I also love that you can put a pause on your subscription at any time. This company is all about keeping you safe on your period and make it easy to keep your favorite products stocked.


Unlike LOLA, I learned about L. on a fluke when my period hit and I realized I hadn’t stocked up on enough tampons. I ran to the store and looked for organic companies Target had on their shelves. After comparing brands, I decided to buy tampons from L. and I’m so glad I did. This company is not only by women for women, but their products are also made with high quality organic ingredients. I use their tampons for working out and they are so comfortable that I forget I’m even using one. I also can’t get enough of their cotton liners and pads that are equally as comfortable.

The more I learn about the toxic and harmful effects everyday products can have on our bodies, the more aware I’ve become of which brands I use in all aspects of my life. By using products that are made without harmful ingredients and are safe to use, I have found myself stressing less, especially when my period hits. If you’ve been thinking about changing which products or brands you use but haven’t been sure of where to start, give this list a try. And if there are other brands that you love, please share them in the comments below!

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